A very special dinner under a special sky

NB: Este post vai ser escrito em inglês, uma vez que os meus convidados são de sítios muito diferentes. E assim, podem compreender o significado tangível e intangível das palavras.
Yesterday was a day to remember. Because it was my first time in an industrial kitchen, because I had to cook for twenty-eight international guests, that came from Serbia, Croatia, Spain, Czech Republic, France, Slovenia and Korea. It was really something to keep. The path that led to the place where we had dinner was made from lemon grass, rosemary, lavender and small candles. The tables were white and very simple, just like our meal. That was extremely vegetarian: pasta, vegetables and lots of mozzarella cheese. And fresh lemonade, made by the spanish hands of Roger, Maialen and Sònia. Thank you for being so nice and so good at squeezing tons of lemons:).
And there was also the music, The XX and Florence and the Machine. And in between, we talked about Fernando Pessoa's poetry. Small parts of his poemas. Tobacconist's: I am nothing. Never shall be anything. Cannot will to be anything. This appart, I have in me all the dreams of the world.
Gratitude. Here's a word. A nice word to define our dinner under a blue and white and light grey sky. Thank you for the memory. That I'm going to keep.

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  1. first of all, I want to thank you because of your will to prepare us such a wonderful dinner! Everything was amazing and delicious, beginning with the lavender on the stairs,that seemed like a catwalk and then the flowers in the tables! Like Korean girl said: it was more perfect than in the restaurant :)
    Thank you!
    Marta, Portugal

  2. Thank you for your gratitude Marisa_! I know that you are not a cooker, but yesterday you seemed like if you was it!
    I was proud of our lemonade. We only were squeezing lemons, and you did the rest!!
    Not only the food was well-tasted, the music was also so fantastic! I take note of the groups.
    (Sorry for the mistakes...)
    In Catalan is it: Gracies per la teva franquesa Marisa. Sé que no ets cuinera, peró com vas actuar ahir, ben bé que ho semblava! Estic molt orgullosa de la llimonada, tot i que nosaltres només vam expremer les llimones, la resta va ser cosa teva! No només el menjar era molt bo, la música em va semblar una passada! M'apunto els grups.
    Thank you, Gr+acies!
    Sónia, Catalonia (Spain)

  3. Dear Mariza! thank you for a beautiful dinner! everything was perfect - the lavender, music, food, the company, big spoon:P I really enjoyed it and i think that if you decide to be a cook in the future, you would be great:)
    In Slovenian (my language): Draga Mariza! Hvala za prelepo vecerjo! vse je bilo popolno -sivka, muska, hrana, druzba, velika zlica:P Res sem uzivala in mislim, da ce bos kdaj hotela biti kuharica, da bos odlicna :)

  4. Ola Mariza! I was amazed what everything you prepared for people that you didnt know including the beautiful decoration! Thanks a lot, it was great experience for me that I will remember:)
    In Czech: Ohromilo me, co jsi vsechno pripravila pro lidi, ktere jsi do te doby neznala, vcetne krasne dekorace. Diky moc, byl to skvely zazitek, ktery si budu pamatovat:)
    Lenka (Czech republic)

  5. Uau! I have no words...
    Congrats, my dear, you're one of a kind!!

  6. I'm really enjoying your comments. And I know that you are working so hard...Helena and Vanessa are the ones to blame:) But they´re just wonderful, aren't they?
    Thank you again!

  7. Happy single mother!

    I'm not sure of being one of a kind... I guess it's all about food. Gathering many different people through food. That's it.
    Miss you! :)

  8. Dear Marisa.

    Thank you again for this delicious dinner, it was perfect !
    And above all, thanks for making me discover Pessoa !!

    Marie (France)

  9. Hi Marisa,
    Now the dinner that you prepared to us it's a little bit far, but I remember yet. Thank you to prepare that dinner, it was really good.
    Besides, we met you, Marisa, and Daniela. It was a dinner to know new wonderful people, and I enjoyed it.
    You know that we also will remember it!
    Thank you!